Growing High-CBD Hemp in Georgia

What You Need to Know About Growing CBD Seeds in Georgia

No matter which state you live in growing hemp can be challenging because of all the new and interim regulations.  In order to be a hemp farmer you need a thorough understanding of the local regulations for Georgia. To properly and profitably growing hemp you must consider current and future legalities alike.  Information like where you can buy CBD seeds and which pesticides are allowed all vary state to state. Happily, there are many sources to find out this info, including our in-house experts here at CBD Seed Co.

Georgia Regulations for CBD Growing Clones & Seeds

When deciding whether or not to farm hemp here in Georgia, and once you begin farming, the rules in the state where you live are critical to be aware of and abide by. The Georgia Hemp Farming Act was signed into law May 10. This act made it possible to research, produce, process and regulate industrial hemp in Georgia. You need a license to grow hemp in Georgia and it will cost you $50 an acre with a maximum fee of $5,000.

To get a Georgia hemp growers license, you must be a qualified agricultural producer, which is a farmer who qualifies for and procures a Georgia Agricultural Tax Exemption Card from the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Potentia farmers must pass a criminal background and make known the GPS coordinates of their fields and greenhouses. If you are growing hemp for CBD or for industrial applications it is important you get the correct licensure and approval for other things like purchasing hemp seed, receiving hemp seed and planting hemp seed.  A great resource for Georgia regulations for growing clones and/or seeds is The Georgia Department of Agriculture.

georgia regulations for growing seeds and clones

Regions of Georgia where CBD is Grown

CBD hemp plants grow in most states  But there are areas of the US that are  better for growing hemp. Georgia is a great environment for and for growing hemp since agriculture contributes approximately $73.3 billion a year to Georgia’s economy. 

While you will be able to grow hemp nearly anywhere in Georgia there are some counties that grow other crops very well, so should be considered some of the best areas in Georgia for high CBD hemp. Counties like Coffee county and Pierce county in Georgia are excellent for Tobacco, therefore hemp has potential there too. Also, corn growing counties show promise for hemp as well.  So from Miller County down in southeast Georgia to Burke county over by the coast and most of the areas in between should be great for growing hemp in Georgia.

Georgia Hemp & CBD Seed News

When you start hemp farming it is critical to keep up with legislation, news and events.  A huge part of being a successful hemp farmer is staying up to date on hemp or CBD seeds and regulations. There are a lot of resources to get this info including talking to your CBD Seed Co account manager regularly, getting news updates and doing your own independent research.  A great resource for state news and updates is Georgia Hemp Industries.  For national updates the National Hemp Association is a fantastic source of information. 

georgia hemp news

Contact Us to Learn More about Seeds For Georgia CBD Farming

Since the industry is so new–the regulations on CBD seeds and growing hemp in Georgia and across the US are always shifting. At CBD Seed Co we keep up with these changes and are always happy to answer any questions.  To find out more or to inquire about our premium high CBD seeds for your Georgia farm, contact us today!