Growing High-CBD Hemp in New York

What You Need to Know About Growing CBD Seeds in New York

Any state you grow hemp in will prove challenging (but rewarding). This is because everything from hemp farming technologies to regulations in flux. Therefore, before you become a hemp farmer in New York, you should thoroughly research regulations specific to your state. To properly and profitably grow hemp remember to take into account future legalities too. For example, what type of hemp seeds you can purchase and which pesticides will likely change year to year. Happily, for farmers in New York and across the US there are plenty of resources to find information–especially our experts here at CBD Seed Co.

New York Regulations for CBD Growing Clones & Seeds

When you decide to start hemp farming here in New York, you will need to follow the states hemp laws and regulations. It has been legal to grow hemp under a research pilot program for years in New York. However, recently some changes have been made to the program that gives the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets .supervision over hemp growers. However, many of the research regulations remain the same. You must provide a description and map of where industrial hemp will be grown, along with GPS coordinates. Find more information about farming hemp in NY and apply for a license here.


Regions of New York where CBD is Grown

CBD hemp plants grow well indoors and outdoors in nearly every state in the US. However, like any crop, there are areas of the US that are better for growing hemp–especially outdoors. New York is a big state with over 20% of the state used as farmland. Agriculture contributes over $42 billion annually to the economy. While much of this is dairy and livestock, the soil is well suited for crops like corn, apples, and onions. This means hemp will likely grow well almost anywhere in New York including the Champlain Valley region. The Hudson Valley region, the Finger Lakes and Niagara Frontier region.

New York Hemp & CBD Seed News

As mentioned, once you begin hemp farming in New York, keeping up with legislation, news and events is critical. Things like new seed genetics, emerging regulations and changing harvesting technology will add to your success. There are a lot of simple ways to get this info, including, hemp industry newsletters, talking to your account manager here at CBD Seed Co and doing independent research. A great way to keep up on local hemp information in New York is through NYCGPA. This organization supports all sectors of the cannabis industry including industrial hemp farmers and processors. For national news and updated hemp information try Hemp Industries Association. If you are looking for business advice for hemp farming, The Hemp Biz Journal is a great place to find it.

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Since the hemp industry is just emerging in the US, hemp industry regulations are always in flux. Getting the proper information and some guidance in your hemp venture is the key to your success. A fantastic place to start your hemp farming endeavor is by working closely with an account manager here at CBD See Co. Our team keeps up with these changes and are always happy to answer any questions. To find out more or to inquire about our premium high CBD seeds for your New York farm, contact us today!