Growing High-CBD Hemp in West Virginia

What You Need to Know About Growing CBD Seeds in West Virginia

No matter where you plan to grow hemp in–the venture can be challenging because the regulations are new and sometimes temporary. Therefore, before you start hemp farming in West Virginia you should get a thorough understanding of your state’s regulations. To properly and profitably grow hemp you must consider future legalities too. For instance, information like where to buy high CBD seeds and which pesticides are allowed all vary state to state. Luckily, for farmers in West, and across the US, there are many resources to find information–including our experts here at CBD Seed Co. There are many online resources as well.

West Virginia Regulations for CBD Growing Clones & Seeds

When you decide to start hemp farming here in West Virginia, the most current regulations in your state will be the most important. Growing hemp is legal in the state of West Virginia. Hemp plants must test below .3-percent THC as laid out by the 2018 farm bill. West Virginia does not prohibit seeds from being purchased but they do supply a list of which hemp seed varieties were tested from the previous year. The West Virginia Department of Agriculture licenses growers and is in charge of testing hemp during its growing period. In 2020 hemp license applications were open from September 1-September 30. For more information on hemp licensing occasionally check in with the West Virginia Department of Agriculture.


Regions of West Virginia where CBD is Grown

CBD hemp plants grow in nearly every state but there are areas of the US that are better for growing hemp. West Virginia is strongly an agricultural state. It has 22,100 farms over 3.62 million acres that generate $560 million worth of crops and livestock. While hemp will likely grow very well in every county in the state, some counties will do better than others at growing and/or converting fields to grow hemp. This means, based on soybean and wheat production, Jefferson County, WV, and Berkeley County, WV will be fantastic for hemp.

West Virginia Hemp & CBD Seed News

As mentioned, once you begin hemp farming in West Virginia, staying up to date with legislation, news and events is very important. Things like new seed genetics, regulations and emerging harvesting technology information will greatly add to your success. There are many ways to get this info including hemp industry newsletters, talking to your account manager here at CBD Seed Co and doing independent research. A great state-specific resource, the West Virginia Hemp Industries Association. For national news and updated hemp information try The National Hemp Association.   If you are looking for business advice for hemp farming, The Hemp Biz Journal has a wealth of information.


Contact Us to Learn More about Seeds For West Virginia CBD Farming

Since the hemp industry is so new in the US, getting the proper information and some guidance in your hemp venture is the key to your success. A great place to start is by reaching out to us here at CBD Seed Co. You will be assigned a designated account manager who will help guide you along the way. Our team keeps up with these changes and are always happy to answer any questions. To find out more or to inquire about our premium high CBD seeds for your West Virginia farm, contact us today!