Growing High-CBD Hemp in Virginia

What You Need to Know About Growing CBD Seeds in Virginia

Regardless of which state you plan to grow hemp in–the venture can be challenging because the regulations are new and often temporary. Therefore, before you become a hemp farmer in Virginia you should get a thorough understanding of the local regulations. Also important are moving targets like emerging farming technology, high CBD seed varieties and which pesticides are allowed all vary state to state. Luckily, for farmers in Virginia and across the US there are numerous resources to find information–including our experts here at CBD Seed Co. There are many online resources as well.

Virginia Regulations for CBD Growing Clones & Seeds

When you decide to start hemp farming here in Virginia, and even after you begin, the rules in your farm’s state are something you need to be aware of and follow. Currently, in Virginia hemp is legal to grow. To grow hemp in Virginia the registered grower must own the land that he/she plans to use. Hemp farmers must apply to the program using the Industrial Hemp Grower Registration Application (OPPR200).” There will be a $50 application fee for each application form submitted. Be aware you need to submit a planting report to VDACS within 14 calendar days of planting seeds, clones, or cuttings. Also, when purchasing seeds Virginia hemp farmers will need to purchase from a registered Grower or Processor. For more info go here.


Regions of Virginia where CBD is Grown

CBD hemp plants have been growing under research licenses across the US. However, like any crop, there are areas of the US that are better for growing hemp. Virginia has fantastic farmland. Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in the state contributing $70 billion to the economy annually. The top field crops are all ones that are similar, if not harder, to grow than hemp: soybeans, corn, and grain. While any county in Virginia will do very well with hemp, the top-performing counties (listed with farm revenue) will likely be: Rockingham County $659 Million, Augusta $232 million, Accomack$172 Million.

Virginia Hemp & CBD Seed News

When you start hemp farming in Virginia, keeping up with legislation, news and events is key. Any information you get and utilize about hemp or CBD seeds and regulations will contribute to your success. There are a lot of ways to get this info including hemp industry newsletters, talking to your account manager here at CBD Seed Co and doing independent research. A fantastic state-specific resource for this is the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition. For national news and updated hemp information try The National Hemp Association.   If you are looking for business advice and updates for all things hemp, The Hemp Biz Journal is a good place to find business guidance.

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Since the hemp industry is fairly new in the US, regulations on CBD seeds and growing hemp in Virginia and across the US are just getting up to speed. Getting the proper direction in your hemp venture is important for your success. A great place to start your hemp farming endeavor is working closely with an account manager here at CBD See Co. Our team keeps up with these changes and are always happy to answer any questions. To find out more or to inquire about our premium high CBD seeds for your Virginia farm, contact us today!