Growing High-CBD Hemp in New Jersey

What You Need to Know About Growing CBD Seeds in New Jersey

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When growing hemp in any state you will face challenges from farming conditions to regulations that are in flux. Therefore, before you become a hemp farmer in New Jersey start researching your local regulations right away. And understand there will be future legalities too. For instance, which hemp seeds you can plant and which pesticides you are allowed to use change frequently. Happily, for farmers in New Jersey and across the US there are a lot of fantastic resources to find this information including our experts here at CBD Seed Co and hemp associations.

New Jersey Regulations for CBD Growing Clones & Seeds

When you decide to start hemp farming here in New Jersey, and as you progress, you should be aware of and follow hemp laws and regulations. New Jersey is one of the first three states to have its Hemp Program approved by the USDA. In order to participate in New Jersey’s Hemp Program, prospective farmers must apply to NJDA and pay a $50 fee. The annual fee $300 annually plus $15 per acre. Please note: these fees are different for handlers and processors. In accordance with federal law hemp grown in NJ must be below .3-percent THC. To enforce this prohibition the New Jersey Department of Agriculture has the authority to ban a particular strain or seed if it is unreliable in its THC content. Also, No public access is allowed on hemp farms in the state. There are many other restrictions on hemp farming in New Jersey. To find more information about farming and apply for a license here

cbd seed new jersey
cbd seed new jersey

Regions of New Jersey where CBD is Grown

Indoors and outdoors, hemp can be grown in any state but there are some areas, like New Jersey, that are better. There is a reason New Jersey is called the garden states–it is a great place to grow crops–including hemp. There are over 10,000 farms in the state producing well over 1 billion in annual revenue. Some of the top counties for agriculture in NJ BurlingtonCounty 9%, Atlantic County 11% and Gloucester County 9%–making them great choices for high-CBD hemp farming. However, industrial hemp will grow nearly anywhere in the state, including Camden County, Morris County, and Salem County.

New Jersey Hemp & CBD Seed News

Once you start to farm in New Jersey, and even once you are started, keeping up with legislation, news and events is very important. Information like new seed genetics updated regulations and emerging harvesting technology will add to your success. There are many ways to get this info, including, hemp industry newsletters, talking to your account manager here at CBD Seed Co and doing independent research. A great way to keep up on local hemp information is through NJCIA which supports all sectors of the cannabis industry including hemp. For national news and updated hemp information try Hemp Industries Association. If you are looking for business advice for hemp farming, The Hemp Biz Journal is a fantastic source

cbd seed new jersey
cbd seed new jersey

Contact Us to Learn More about Seeds For New Jersey CBD Farming

Since hemp industry regulations are always changing, getting the information and guidance in your hemp venture is the key to your success. You can have a strong start on your hemp farming endeavor by working closely with an account manager here at CBD See Co. We will be a resource throughout the entire process as well. Our team keeps up with these changes and are always happy to answer any questions. To find out more or to inquire about our premium high CBD seeds for your New Jersey farm, contact us today!