Growing High-CBD Hemp in Minnesota

What You Need to Know About Growing Hemp Seeds in Minnesota

Are you thinking of getting into CBD/industrial hemp farming in Minnesota? Here are some of the things you need to know.

  1. CBD oil and other CBD products are hot and that market is growing in leaps and bounds… so if you grow your hemp crop specifically to sell for CBD, you’ll make the most money on it.
  2. However, this requires purchasing seeds genetically proven to grow plants with optimal amounts of CBD.
  3. It’s true that a higher CBD content is better, but when it comes to the THC content, it’s required to be no more than 0.3% per dry weight per USDA regulations. And your crop will need to be tested to ensure those levels. Anything higher than 0.3%, your crop might be declared “contraband.”
  4. At that point, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture might make the determination that the crop must be destroyed (under supervision of law enforcement officials).
  5. To avoid this mishap, which will be frustrating, disappointing, and extremely costly, get as much education as possible on how to successfully grow a CBD crop in Minnesota. Learn as much as possible before the first seed or clone hits the dirt!
  6. Another important recommendation is to find a buyer for your crop before planting and harvesting. You don’t want to wind up with a fantastic harvest and no one to sell it to!

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  • Minnesota Regulations for CBD Growing Clones & Seeds – Links to government regulators
  • Regions of Minnesota where CBD is Grown
  • Minnesota Hemp & CBD Seed News
  • CBD & Hemp Organizations in Minnesota
  • Contact Us To See if We’re a Good Fit For Minnesota CBD Farming

Minnesota Regulations for CBD Growing Clones & Seeds

Educate yourself about regulations and best practices for growing a successful CBD crop, with the following two websites as your starting point:

Minnesota Department of Agriculture: This is where you’ll learn about the specific regulations for the growing of industrial hemp in the State of Minnesota. You’ll be able to find the licensing regulations, the testing requirements, and much more.

Some of the information found on the MDA includes:

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA): This website is easy to read and chock full of useful information, not just about federal regulations but also about the growing, testing, processing of industrial hemp and CBD seeds and clones. The USDA is big on education and offers a lot of free resources, including these articles:

Sign up for the USDA’s email update list to be informed of any changes in the Hemp Program regulations.


Regions of Minnesota Where CBD is Grown

Minnesota has an abundance of fertile farmland that’s as good for farming hemp as it is for their main agricultural products, grain corn, dairy, and sweet corn.

Hemp is now being farmed in many areas across the state, including the following counties:

  • Carver County
  • Renville County
  • Hennepin County
  • Aitkin County
  • Ramsey County
  • Louis County
  • Cass County
  • Dakota County
  • Houston County
  • Lyon and Redwood County
  • Blue Earth County
  • Freeborn County
  • Sherburne County
  • Wabasha County
  • Otter Tail County
  • Pine County
  • Wright County
  • Anoka County
  • Lac Qui Parle County
  • And more…

Minnesota Hemp & CBD Seed News

Feb 17, 2020: Hemp rules give Minnesota farmers little room for error with law enforcement.

This article in the Star Tribune is a must read!

It details one farmers struggle with raising a CBD crop with THC in the legal limit, and what happened when he failed.

Jan. 21, 2020: Minnesota hemp industry going strong, but 2020 a critical year for the future.

This article on explains that, “One year after federal Farm Bill, lessons learned combine with optimism.”

Dec. 4, 2019: What’s the future of industrial hemp in Minnesota? More growth

Nov. 26, 2019: CBD, hemp businesses blaze through campus.

This article in the Minnesota Daily talks about the boom in hemp growing and hemp related businesses since hemp was legalized.


CBD & Hemp Organizations in Minnesota

Minnesota Hemp AssociationAccording to their website, “The Minnesota Hemp Association is a 501(c)(4) organization providing advocacy, education, and business development opportunities to advance the growth and vitality of Minnesota’s hemp industries from seed to sale. We provide our network … with vital industry news, valuable business-to-business opportunities, and influence to shape regulatory and public policy decisions.”

Join the MHA here!

Minnesota Industrial Hemp Association: According to their website, their mission is “to implement a multifaceted approach to monitor the legislative and regulatory issues related to the industrial hemp and CBD industries and prevent, at the local, state and federal levels, harmful actions such as large tax increases on the sales of products, CBD marketing restrictions and retail sales restrictions.” Join the MIHA here.

The Hemp Industries Association (The HIA): The HIA is a non-profit trade association with more than 1,500 members from all aspects of the industrial hemp/CBD industry. According to their website, “they stand for the fair and equal treatment of industrial hemp and it’s opportunities in agriculture and in the marketplace. The Association is dedicated to education, industry development, and the accelerated expansion of hemp world market supply and demand but is focused on the rebirth of the hemp industries in the United States.”

Join the HIA here! 

Contact Us To See if We’re a Good Fit For Minnesota CBD Farming

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