Growing High-CBD Hemp in Massachusetts

What You Need to Know About Growing CBD Seeds in Massachusetts

Growing hemp in any state in the US requires a solid understanding of the local laws and in Massachusetts, it is no different. To properly and profitably take all the steps necessary to grow hemp from buying the correct CBD seeds to selecting fertilizers approved by the government. There are numerous ways of finding out specific Massachusetts hemp requirements from associations to news and also includes our own experts here at CBD Seed Co.

Massachusetts Regulations for CBD Growing Clones & Seeds

When deciding whether or not to become a hemp farmer, and even after you already are, knowing the local Massachusetts hemp laws are important to know and abide by. Currently, in Massachusetts, you can legally grow and process hemp. However, you must apply for separate licenses for depending on if you want to grow hemp, process hemp or both. The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. Besides the grower and processor licenses, they also regulate grow site inspection, hemp education and certified THC on hemp plants. You can get more information and apply for a hemp license in Massachusetts here.


Regions of Massachusetts where CBD is Grown

Hemp is a hardy plant and CBD seeds will grow in many climates. But, farming practices and suitable hemp varietals may be different from state to state. In Massachusetts, there are over 7000 farms many of them small. However, it ranks 8th in the nation in sales direct to consumer (per capita). While apples and cranberries make up a large part of these sales, corn, and hay grow profusely in the state. Based on this, hemp will grow (indoors and out) anywhere in Massachusetts. However, some of the best hemp growing counties may be Franklin County, Middlessex County, Plymouth County, and Hampshire County.

Massachusetts Hemp & CBD Seed News 

Once you have begun hemp farming in Massachusetts, you will want to keep up with legislation, news and industry events. Anything related to hemp, from seeds to processing to sale is important information for you to know. Keeping up isn’t all that hard since there are a number of hemp informational resources. Speaking to your CBD Seed Co account manager regularly, doing your own research and seeking out hemp news is a great formula for success. A fantastic regional group is NOSHA (Northeast Sustainable Hemp Association) For news on hemp farming specifically in Massachusetts follow Massachusetts Hemp Coalition on Facebook. For national news and info The US Hemp Growers Association is a great resource as well. 

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The regulations on CBD seeds and growing hemp in Massachusetts and across the US will be in flux of a while. They will likely keep changing and be easier to understand in the next few years. There will likely be changes in hemp growing and CBD extraction techniques as well. Here at CBD Seed Co, we keep up with the changes that are critical for our family of hemp farmers. We are always happy to chat and answer any questions you may have about growing and processing hemp. To find out more or to inquire about our premium high-CBD seeds for your Massachusetts farm, contact us today!