Growing High-CBD Hemp in Maryland

What You Need to Know About Growing CBD Seeds in Maryland

Regardless of which state you want to grow hemp in–you will face the challenges of your farming conditions and regulations in flux. Meaning before you become a hemp farmer in Maryland, you should get a thorough understanding of the local regulations. To properly and profitably grow hemp remember to take into account future legalities too. For example, what type of hemp seeds you can purchase and which pesticides are allowed all vary state to state. Happily, for farmers in Maryland and across the US there are plenty of resources to find information–especially our experts here at CBD Seed Co. Online resources, hemp associations are fantastic resources too.

Maryland Regulations for CBD Growing Clones & Seeds

When you decide to start hemp farming here in Maryland, and after you have begun, you should be aware of and follow hemp laws and regulations. For 2020 Maryland is running an Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program. Staying in line with the Federal guidelines, hemp grown must have a concentration of THC less than 0.3%. Industrial hemp in Maryland may be grown for research under The Maryland Department of Agriculture jurisdiction. Hemp sites can be registered by institutions of higher education or by an individual partnering with one. However, The Maryland Department of Agriculture will not be regulating the processing, sale, or distribution of industrial hemp. Find more information about farming hemp in Maryland apply here.


Regions of Maryland where CBD is Grown

CBD hemp plants grow in nearly every state in the US. However, like any crop, there are areas of the US that are better for growing hemp. Maryland has good farmlands, if not a lot of it. In terms of revenue generated from crops Maryland’ produces field crops very well. This means Maryland has strong potential for growing high CBD hemp. Some of the top-performing counties for key Maryland crops are Corn: Carroll Caroline County, Kent County, Soybeans: Fredrick County, Baltimore County and Wheat: Talbot County, Howard County. However, all areas of Maryland are suitable growing environments for hemp so farmers in any county will likely be successful.

Maryland Hemp & CBD Seed News

Once you begin hemp farming in Maryland, keeping up with legislation, news and events is very important. Knowing about things like new seed genetics, regulations and emerging harvesting technology will add to your success. There are many ways to get this info, including, hemp industry newsletters, talking to your account manager here at CBD Seed Co and doing independent research. A fantastic association for Maryland hemp farmers in The Maryland Hemp Coalition. For national news and updated hemp information try The National Hemp Association.   If you are looking for business advice for hemp farming, The Hemp Biz Journal has a wealth of information.

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Since the hemp industry is just emerging in the US, hemp industry regulations are always in flux. Getting the proper information and some guidance in your hemp venture is the key to your success. A way to be more profitable in your hemp farming endeavor is by working closely with an account manager here at CBD See Co. We are a great place to start. Our team keeps up with these changes and are always happy to answer any questions. To find out more or to inquire about our premium high CBD seeds for your Maryland farm, contact us today!