Growing High-CBD Hemp in Connecticut

What You Need to Know About Growing CBD Seeds in Connecticut

Growing hemp in any state can be a challenge due to many things. Regulations, as you likely know, vary from state to state. This means you need a thorough understanding of the local regulations. This is the key to properly and profitably growing hemp. The legalities can also be a moving target. Variables like where you can buy CBD seeds to which pesticides are allowed sometimes change and you need to know these things to keep your hemp farming business safe and free of violations. Happily, there are a variety of sources out there, including our in-house experts here at CBD Seed Co and state websites.

Connecticut Regulations for CBD Growing Clones & Seeds

When you decide you want to become a hemp farmer in Connecticut, and after you are, it is important to be aware of and abide by state hemp regulations. At the least, these are in line with national law but often are more strict. Growing hemp in Connecticut is legal. To do so you will need a hemp grower’s license from the Department of Agriculture. Hemp products in this state are regulated by both the DOAG and the DCP. It depends on the product. Find out more in this FAQ document from the state. In adherence to national law hemp, over .3% will need to be destroyed. 


Regions of Connecticut where CBD is Grown

CBD hemp plants are easier to grow than other crops because it is not a fickle plant. However, some areas are better than others. Here in Connecticut, hemp can be grown but some regions will be better than others. In Connecticut agriculture adds 4.6 billion dollars to the state economy each year, meaning hemp farming is feasible here. All of Connecticut should prove fine land for hemp but if you want to know the best counties, some of the best land for hemp is in the Connecticut River valley and counties like Litchfield and New London counties and those adjacent to them as well. 

Connecticut Hemp & CBD Seed News

Once you start hemp farming in Connecticut you should always stay abreast of legislation, news and events. Knowing about CBD seed regulations and sanctioned growing practices are going to be a huge part of your success. There are many ways to stay on top of hemp news and law changes– including talking to your CBD Seed Co account manager. Also helpful–doing research and seeking out news updates. There are many excellent sources for CBD and hemp laws and updates. For local and state updates start following The Connecticut Hemp Industry Association. For national news check out the National Hemp Organization’s site. A reputable news site that is constantly tracking any number of industry changes and has business-related content too is Marijuana Business Daily.


Contact Us to Learn More about Seeds For Connecticut CBD Farming

Since the hemp industry is very new in Connecticut and across the US at large, tracking it is good to have a hemp company to count on for information and transparency. At CBD Seed Co, we are structured to be a resource for our clients. We assign each of our client’s a personal account manager for guidance in all your seed purchasing and hemp growing. Our account managers here at At CBD Seed Co keep up with hemp industry changes and a great resource to bounce your ideas off of. To find out more or to inquire about our premium high CBD seeds for your Connecticut hemp farm, contact us today!