Plant Spacing: 

  • Clone: When planting by clone we recommend 48” x 36” spacing – which works out to 3,630 plants per acre.
  • Seed: When planting by seed we recommend 30” x 24” spacing – which works out to 8,712 plants per acre.

Estimated harvest volume:

We typically see 1-2 tons  per acre on plant material, excluding stock and stem. ***Note this can very substantial based on soil, water, climate and growing technique.

Expected CBD Content

From clone/feminized seed the whole plant material is typically between 8% – 10%, a bud/flower sample is typically between 10% – 12%. Using regular seed you can expect a 2% drop making whole plant material between 6% – 8%, and a bud/flower sample between 8% – 10%. ***Note this can very substantial based on soil, water, climate and growing technique.

Although our genetics typically stay under 0.3% THC, it is recommended that you begin taking samples of your material in the last three weeks of flower.


With our non generic seed, you should expect a 50/50 male to female ratio. ***some people have been able increase the percentage of female plants by increasing the nitrogen content in the soil.

Our feminized seed is typically 99.9% female.


BaOx is a high CBD hemp seed created from Hindu Kush and Otto. You can expect a fast flowering time and a short wide plant with a large / dense flower structure.


Our generic seed is harvest from our high CBD outdoor crop, and is a BaOx hybrid.


When growing high CBD industrial hemp it is important to begin testing the plant material 3 weeks prior to harvest to ensure that the crop is under 0.3% THC. Periods of extreme hot weather and/or drought can increase THC levels in industrial hemp plants. When growing outdoors we recommend starting testing September 1st, and when using a indoor / greenhouse environment we suggest beginning testing at day 40.

Potency Testing

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